KBD is an insurance broker that provides protection for your rental property
that is occupied by residential and / or commercial tenants.

Owning a rental property is a great way to build wealth, and you will certainly want to protect this important asset against unforeseen events that can damage your building and result in financial loss.

As an insurance broker, KBD deals with multiple insurance markets and will shop with multiple companies to find you the best coverage at a competitive rate. We provide your quote in under 24 hours and our brokers require only 10 minutes of your time to collect pertinent information about your building.

Here are the core protection we provide to landlords all across the province of Quebec:

All risk building policy

The bulk cost of your insurance premium comes from the insurance on your building.

Here are some of the main perils that we insure for your rental property:

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Ground water & sewer back-up

70% of all claims in Quebec are caused by water; our brokers will ensure that you are ... adequately protected against common water damage. This protection will protect you against any sewer back-up of a water main break that results in a basement flood.
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Earthquake & flood insurance

The worlds climate is changing and there is no denying that the average temperature of ... our planet is increasing and causing different weather patterns as a result. Quebec has certainly felt the effects of global warming with the recent floods occuring throughout our province. The same can be said for earthquakes; they are difficult to predict and can cause significant damage. KBD provides both earthquake and flood insurance at extremely affordable rates.
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Equipment breakdown

An often overlooked coverage that every insurance policy should ... have, this protects against perils such as electrical arcing (also referred to as a power surge that may short circuit some of your electrical items within the building) or sudden mechanical failure of equipment such as your air conditioning unit, your appliances or hot water tank.
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Rental income

In the event of an insured loss, like a fire, your tenant(s) will no longer be obliged to ... continue paying for their lease during the time it takes to repair your building. KBD provides rental income protection at extremely competitive rates and we can also provide this protection for free on newer building constructions. Ask one of our brokers if you qualify to have this coverage free of charge.
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Liability insurance

Arguably the most important protection that you can have in terms of commercial ... building insurance, this protection provides coverage in the event that you or your building cause third party property damage or bodily injury to a third party. An example: as a landlord, you fail to keep up with the maintenance of the building stairwell and one of your tenants falls down the stairs as a result, becoming severely injured. In the event they were to sue you, your liability coverage would pay for your court costs and/or any punitive damages.
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AirBnB insurance / short term rentals

“Peer-to-peer” or the “sharing economy” has changed the way insurance ... companies underwrite their products. In fact, most insurance companies today will refuse to cover your commercial building if you rent it out short term (any lease less than 1 year is considered short term). KBD has access to markets, such as Intact, Lloyd’s and several others, that provide coverage for landlords looking to rent out their building short term, provided that you have a permit with the local city council that allows you to rent your building through these websites.
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Receiving a competitive quote with the proper protections is easier than you may think.

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KBD's expertise and professionalism led to competitive rates and better coverage for our home and commercial policies.

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