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Curtis Killen

As president of KBD, Curtis aims to simplify insurance for his clients. He’s helped lead KBD to become one of Canada’s fastest 400 growing companies according to the Globe & Mail.

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Okay, so you’ve heard the name KBD Insurance somewhere — but you can’t figure out where. 

Do I know someone that works there?


Do I know someone that has insurance with them?


Were they the ones always posting those goofy videos on LinkedIn?

Yes. That was us.

KBD is a West Island insurance broker through and through.

We grew up here like you, saw movies at the Colisée like you, and worked at Fairview like you.

And we’re still here because, well, you get it. 

So while we provide business, car and home insurance throughout Montreal and Quebec — and we recently opened a new office in Griffintown — our roots are in the suburbs.

Being so firmly entrenched in the West Island makes us well suited to work with you, a West Islander.

And if KBD rings a bell but you’re still not sure what exactly we do, wonder no more.

Where can I buy insurance in the West Island?

As a Quebecer, you can buy insurance from any company or broker with an AMF license.

The Autorité des Marchés Financiers is the regulatory body for any financial products or services operating in Quebec, including insurance.

The market is flush with insurance options, from the traditional to the newcomers.

We’ve provided an overview below.

You’ll recognize some of the bigger names that have offices all over Quebec, and there will be some smaller operations you may not be familiar with.

If you’re a Quebecer, here are three types of insurance companies you can get coverage from: 

  • A 100% online experience 
    • Sonnet Insurance
  • Direct insurance companies
    • Desjardins Insurance
    • La Capitale Insurance
    • Belair Direct 
    • TD Insurance Montreal
  • Insurance brokers 
    • KBD Insurance
    • Eyton-Jones Insurance
    • OVC Assurance

Going traditional, online, or with a broker really comes down to personal preference.

As a broker, we get our clients primarily by saving them money.

But the market is so competitive that from year to year, the list gets turned on its head.

The Quebec insurance companies offering the lowest rates one year might very well have the highest the next year.

So think about which business model you feel most comfortable with, and prioritize that over short-term savings.

And if you feel at ease in the presence of fellow West Islanders … well, you know who to call 😉

Does it matter where my insurance company is located?

We may have mentioned that we’re located in the West Island.

But we’ll level with you.

From a technical standpoint, that’s really not that important.

When shopping for insurance, look for things like business model, price, and level of service.

It doesn’t matter at all where your insurance company or broker is located.

KBD is located in the West Island (have you heard?), and we insure clients all the way up in Saguenay.

So really, you could go with any of the insurance options on the list above.

As long as the insurance organization has their AMF license and will work to get you a favorable price, you’ll be in good hands.

But you’re a Westie, and we know you like Westie things.

We’ll say it again: we’re a company by West Islanders, for West Islanders.

Most people in our office are West Islanders.

And there’s something about this area that makes us want to stick together.

If you talk to one of our brokers, chances are you could find a mutual friend or a school in common.

They’ve probably been to the neighborhood you live in.

They’ll be able to speak your language.

(We mean that literally — we’re pretty bilingual.)

So if forming personal connections and finding common ground are important to you, consider the West Island insurance broker that can’t stop talking about its roots.

Insurance broker West Island Montreal – is KBD the only one?

You wouldn’t know it by reading this, but there are other insurance brokers in the West Island!

In fact, some of the best insurance brokers in Montreal are located here.

Instead of pulling out your phone and lazily searching insurance broker near me, just let us tell you who’s in your area.

Here, we’re talking about brokers, not providers.

That means that, like us, these West Island companies can shop around for you to find the best insurance fit for your needs.

  • Eyton-Jones Insurance
  • Osborne & Lange Inc. 
  • Morin Assurances

Just how West Island are you?

KBD is an insurance broker located right here in the West Island of Montreal.

More specifically, we’re in Kirkland just steps away from the Club Dome bar.

(We’ve never been — is it any good? Just kidding.)

For context: you know when you’re driving on Highway 40 in Kirkland between St. Charles and St. John’s, and south of the highway you see that massive building with a million windows and the shiny red Broccolini logo?

That has nothing to do with us. 

BUT, our office is in that building.

And if you look closely at the sign out front, you’ll see our logo.

Look closer.

Okay, maybe don’t look for it while driving your parents’ car.

Anyways, we’re a West Island insurance broker, so if you live in the West, we’re who you call when you need home insurance, car insurance, or even business insurance.

As a broker, we don’t actually provide insurance — we just find it for you.

And we save you money by finding you the best price.

We’re kind of like a really good friend.

So rather than having to deal with stuffy salespeople, you let us do that for you.

We’re the intermediary between you — the client — and the insurance company.

And since we consider you a friend, we want to let you in on what we’ve been up to.

KBD recently decided to expand the choices we can provide our clients.

So we now offer products from two additional Canadian insurance companies: L’Unique Insurance and Economical Insurance.

That’s on top of our loyal and long-standing relationship with Intact.

This is big news for us, and we wanted you to be the first to know. 

(Ah, who are we kidding. News travels fast in the West.)