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Can I Drive My Parents’ Car Without Insurance In Ontario?

Can I Drive My Parents Car Without Insurance in Ontario? | KBD Insurance
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So you just got your licence and want to know if you can drive your parents’ car without insurance? Here’s the quick answer: Nope, you can’t – sorry. But don’t worry, we’ll explain why. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about getting properly insured when driving your parents’ car.

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Can I drive my parents’ car without insurance in Ontario?

Short answer?

Nope, you need to be covered by car insurance in order to drive your parents’ car. ✅

But let’s dive in a little further to explain the details.

In Ontario, every vehicle that’s on the road needs to be insured in order to legally drive.

So, you need insurance to drive your parents’ car – or anyone else’s vehicle for that matter.

However, the fine print is that you may still be covered to drive occasionally without having to purchase your own insurance.

For example, if you’re only borrowing your parents’ vehicle every so often – let’s say you use it once a month – you would automatically be covered under their car insurance.

That’s because, in Ontario, car insurance follows the vehicle, not just the policyholder.

BUT on the other hand, if you regularly drive your parents’ car – for example, on a weekly basis – you’re required to be listed as an occasional driver on their insurance policy.

If you’re not listed as a driver on their policy and you get into an accident, your insurance claim could be refused.

Whether you’re driving your parents’ car regularly, or you just need to borrow it on occasion, their vehicle needs to be covered by a licensed insurance provider.

In addition to being properly insured and in order to legally drive your parents’ car in Ontario, you’ll need:

  • A valid Canadian driver’s licence
  • Your parents’ permission to drive their vehicle (verbal or written)

The bottom line is this: If your parents’ car is your main mode of transportation, you’re required to be added as a driver to the family car insurance policy!

It will slightly increase the cost of the car insurance policy, but will be much less than buying your own coverage.

You can read more about buying car insurance for the first time here.

And if you’re the one lending out your vehicle, you can learn who can drive your car under your insurance in Ontario here.

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To sum it up, can you drive your parents car without insurance in Ontario?

Remember: In order to be able to legally drive in Ontario, you have to have car insurance coverage in place.

But, whether or not you can drive your parents’ car under their insurance depends on your unique situation.

To recap, here are a few questions to ask before borrowing your parents’ car:

  • Will I be driving their car occasionally, or on a regular basis?
  • Based on this, am I covered under my parents’ car insurance?
  • Should I be added to their insurance, or purchase my own policy?

So there you have it!

Generally speaking, you can drive your parents’ vehicle occasionally, as long as you’re fully licensed, and meet the requirements to be covered under their insurance.

If you’re still unsure, just give our Ontario insurance brokers a call.

We’ll be happy to help you out.

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