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Which Insurance Companies Offer Aluminum Wiring?

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Which companies offer aluminum wiring insurance?

Finding aluminum wiring insurance for houses in Canada can be tough due to the increased risk of fire associated with this type of wiring. 

However, some insurance companies do offer this coverage provided certain safety precautions are in place.

At KBD, we work with Economical Insurance to provide aluminum wiring insurance to cover homes in Ontario and Quebec. 

Economical operates Canada-wide and has specific policies available for homes with aluminum wiring. 

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When did they stop using aluminum wiring in Canada?

In Canada, the use of aluminum wire for residential electrical installations declined significantly in the mid-1970s because of safety concerns related to its tendency of fire hazards. 

Since then, copper wiring has become the standard choice for new residential construction and electrical renovations, as it’s more durable. 

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Is aluminum wiring safe?

So, you may be wondering why aluminum wiring is considered bad. 

Aluminum wiring installed in homes in the 60s and 70s has a statistically higher risk of fire hazards compared to copper wiring. 

This is due to factors like thermal expansion and contraction, which can loosen connections over time, potentially leading to overheating and fires. 

To mitigate risks, periodic inspections and maintenance by a licensed electrician can also help identify and address potential problems, such as loose connections or corrosion. 

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Will aluminum wiring pass inspection?

Whether or not aluminum wiring will pass inspection depends on factors including the condition of the wiring, adherence to safety standards, and local building codes. 

Aluminum wiring requires proper installation and maintenance to ensure safety.

Homeowners with aluminum wiring can take proactive steps to mitigate risks and increase their chances of obtaining insurance coverage. 

This may include hiring a licensed electrician to inspect the wiring, checking for signs of overheating, corrosion, loose connections, or other issues that could pose fire hazards. 

They will make necessary repairs or upgrades to meet safety standards and provide documentation of these improvements to insurers to demonstrate the reduced risk.

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