KBD insurance
KBD insurance

KBD is an insurance broker that provides coverage
for your tools, contents, building, liability and more.

Tradesmen require niche products when it comes to protecting their business.

KBD works with leading insurance companies who offer packages specifically tailored to fit your company's operations.

Having an insurance policy in place will give your customers the peace of mind that you are a reputable company with the right experience. In fact, many companies will not do business with tradesmen who carry less than 5 million in commercial general liability protection. KBD can offer coverage to specialists in any trade, whether you are new to the industry or have multiple years of experience.

Examples of tradesmen we can insure are:

  • HVAC contractors
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Roofers
  • Welders
  • General contractors
  • Woodworkers
  • Painters
  • and more!

Here are some of the core protections that we offer to different types of tradesmen:

KBD insurance

Commercial general liability

By far the most important protection for a tradesman, commercial general liability (CGL) covers you against bodily injury or property damage you could cause to a third party. In layman's terms, if you damage someone else's stuff or injure someone in the course of your work, your CGL policy would cover this claim.

KBD insurance

Office contents

If your business has an administrative office or workshop, you'll need to cover the contents that you own or store at that location against damage. You may also be building something for a client in your workshop or be performing repairs, so you'd need to have coverage for those goods as well. We provide coverage for fire, flood, earthquake, theft, and more while they are stored at your premises.

KBD insurance


Your job requires you to be on the road, working at different job sites every day. While it's important to cover your tools while they are at your office, it's even more important to cover them while they are with you on the job. We can offer "floater" coverage for your tools in case they are stolen or damaged while you are out on a work site.

KBD insurance

Installation floater

Often, if a job is going to last for more than a day, you will have raw materials at the work site that are not yet installed. For example: Let's say you are installing a new ventilation system in a home, and you purchase all of the required materials at once. You may not be able to complete the job in one day, and so there will be materials left at the site until you can complete the job. KBD can provide you with an installation floater to protect the materials from theft and fire at any location, during the course of construction.

KBD insurance

RBQ bond

Many tradesmen are required to hold an RBQ bond. This bond is for any contractor holding an RBQ license, so anyone who performs work on a building. This bond provides protection for your clients in the event that you were to default on the job that you were hired to do. KBD can provide both the $20,000 bond for specialized contractors and the $40,000 bond for general contractors.

KBD insurance

Automobile fleet

You probably also have a truck or van that you use to go visit clients, and to carry your tools and materials. We provide commercial automobile insurance for any type of vehicle, whether you have just one truck or a fleet of twenty. Not only can we insure your vehicle, but we can also offer coverage for the cost of a rental vehicle so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

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