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Commercial Insurance

Why do I need commercial insurance?

Commercial insurance should be on the top of your priority list when it comes to running a business. Start ups and older business alike, having the proper insurance coverage can protect your enterprise from unexpected expenses, and in some cases even bankruptcy. If an unforeseen event, such as a flood, fire or lawsuit hits your business, you need to make sure that you can pay for the damages without it affecting your bottom line.

What am I covered for if I purchase a commercial Insurance Policy?

Every business needs to have an insurance policy that is tailored to their specific needs. Some smaller businesses will require a basic commercial general liability policy that covers their business operations in the event that they cause third party bodily injury or property damage, while others may require a much more complete set of protections. Here is a brief summary of the protections that KBD Insurance can offer to businesses.

Property coverage Protection of your business’ assets from the main insured perils, like fire, water, flood, theft, electrical arcing. As an example, if your business owns a building, then you will want to have this insured to the full amount of reconstruction cost.

Commercial General Liability (CGL) Covers your business in the event you are held responsible to pay for the damages caused to a third party. This can be either bodily injury or property damage

Professional Liability Also referred to as error an omissions insurance, this protection is very important for professions such as insurance brokers, accountants, lawyers; basically, any business that provides advice to their clients. If the advice you give to a customer was to cause financial harm, you could be labile for the “bad” advice you gave. An example would be an accountant filing your taxes wrong after making an honest mistake, and you owe the government $15,000 in penalties. The accountant would have the option to file a claim to pay for this amount.

Extended Business Income When your business suffers from a fire or other physical damage claim, you may be unable to operate for an extended period of time. During that time, you are most probably unable to earn any revenue. This protection covers your business for loss of profits, fixed costs and administrative payroll during the time that you are unable to operate.

Commercial Auto Coverage for your business vehicle that may be used for deliveries or going to visit clients.

What type of industries does KBD Insurance provide commercial insurance for?

We provide an array of products for companies across many industries. Here is what we specialize in.

Airbnb Hosts Insurance for your building if you rent out your home or apartment/condo to guests through a platform like Airbnb or Sonder.

Cyber risk In today’s digital era, every company should have a cyber insurance policy. We provide protection against social engineering, malware attacks, illegal electronic funds transfers and much more.

Distributors If your business relies heavily on imports and/or exports, we can help build a policy to protect your revenue stream and your assets.

Manufacturers Coverage for your assets and your liability, if ever your product causes harm to a third party.

Marketing Agencies When you produce content on behalf of a client, there is the possibility that you can be accused of libel or slander. We provide protection against this if ever you need to defend your business from someone accusing you of slander, and much more.

Restaurants are one of the most popular businesses in Montreal; we insure dozens of them across the province of Quebec.

SMB’s (Small & medium-sized business) If your business is on a tight budget, we can help. Our brokers can help identify the protection that you absolutely need, and those you can perhaps go without.

Tradesmen KBD provides coverage for individuals and business who work in the HVAC, electrician, plumber, roofing, general contractor industries.

Trainers & Yoga Instructors If you are a gym trainer, and your client suffers a bicep tear because you made them do too many curl-ups, you could be held liable for their medical bills. We can provide coverage against this and much more.

Check out these professions in further detail

If you require further information, click the links in the headings above to access information for each of these business types. These go into depth on each one of these professions and how you can help protect your business with an affordable insurance policy, tailored to fit your needs.

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