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How to make a claim & how to switch over to KBD Insurance

As you probably already know, KBD is an insurance broker who provides car, home and commercial insurance to its customers. We insure over 8000 clients across the province of Quebec, and hence we get asked the two questions mentioned in the title above an awful lot. For the purposes of this blog, keep in mind that KBD Insurance handles the sales and service portion of your insurance file, while Intact handles the claim logistics, and Intact is ultimately the company to pay out of pocket for your claim. So, as an example, if you need to change your address, a KBD broker will make this change for you. If you need to make a theft claim, Intact will be handling this. Let’s break it down:

How do I make a claim when I am insured with KBD Insurance?

Home, apartment, condo insurance : If you’re a client with KBD, chances are that your home, apartment or condo is insured with Intact Insurance. They are Canada’s leading insurance provider, and year after year rank amongst the highest with regards to customer satisfaction when it comes to filing a home claim. The process itself is actually quite simple if you need to make a claim:

*Tip* we recommend to keep a list, or at least photos, of all of your personal belongings. This will help speed up the claims process in the event of a theft claim.

Car Insurance : All of our clients are insured with Intact Insurance for automobile, and the process for a car claim is very similar:

If the accident is deemed a “total loss”, you will be given a cheque for the value of your car at the day of the accident (actual cash value). If you purchased replacement cost protection, then you will be given a cheque in the amount of what it costs to buy a brand-new vehicle, the same model as what you had prior. To find out more about replacement cost, please read our September 2019 blog which touches on this 😊

Commercial Insurance: When it comes to commercial insurance, KBD has much less of a concentration in terms of which insurance companies we place our clients with. We deal predominantly with Intact, Lloyd’s, CFC Underwriting (cyber insurance experts) and many other insurance companies, depending on what industry you are in. In the event of a claim, you are going to need to call us directly to start the claims process.

If you are a commercial insurance client and you have a policy with Lloyd’s : call us directly, and we will put you in touch with a company called Indemnipro, an independent claims management company that earns its revenue strictly from claims adjusting. This means that they will be the company to handle your claim, assess the damage done to your business, and make the necessary repairs. If your claim involves lost revenue, Indemnipro has their own accountants to help determine what amount you will be paid out with regards to lost profits. Indemnipro have offices across Canada, and have existed for decades.

How to switch over to KBD Insurance

We are one of the fastest growing insurance brokers in Quebec, so we get asked this question a lot. We issue dozens of new policies everyday for clients who are looking to save money on home, car and business insurance. The process is very simple:

As insurance brokers, we love to get customer feedback and are always seeking to improve our workflows in an effort to better serve our clients. Call us today for all of your insurance needs!

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